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What could cause on and off sharp spot lrqabdominal pain and very minor swelling for months. got an ultrasound and blood tests that came back normal. ?

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Dr. Jalal Zuberi answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

Could be Ovarian: If appendicitis has been ruled out with US, most likely cause of lower quadrant intermittent pain can be from an ovarian cyst. See an oB doctor for an evaluation. Constipation should always be considered as a cause of lower abdominal pains.

Answered 8/4/2014


Dr. Jodi Ritsch answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Ovulation?: If the pain occurs near the area of your ovaries approximately 2 weeks before you period, it could be an indication of ovulation. If pelvic ultrasound was normal, you may want to see your doctor when symptoms are present

Answered 9/29/2016


Dr. Adil Roomi answered

Specializes in Emergency Medicine

Likely gynecologic: if you are a young woman then persistent right lower quadrant pain is more likley to be gynecologic than gastrointestinal. With right lower quadrant abdominal pain the first thing that needs to be ruled out is appendicitis however but this is highly unlikely given the time course. Sometimes a C scan will be warranted for further evalation

Answered 8/5/2014



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