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Dx w/ sshl after 7days of low tone hearing loss/tinnitus -no vertigo. on predinsone. saw neuro, did exam and baer both normal. wants mri. chances i have brain tumor or acoustic neuroma? so scared.

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I empathize: I understand your fear, which is completely natural when you hear that a tumor is a possibility for your symptoms. All I can say is hang in there. Do the tests as your doctor asks. In medicine we usually rule out the worst and most dangerous conditions first, so the MRI is a reasonable step. There are many other possibilities, however. Be sure to talk to your support people, and keep your chin up!

Answered 7/23/2014


Dr. Kenneth Liu answered

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Unlikely.: Tumors will often present with a more progressive type of hearing loss. If your hearing loss was sudden, it's probably not from a brain tumor.

Answered 5/20/2016



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