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Please point me to where i can get a mouth guard from?

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Dr. Gary Sandler answered

Specializes in Dentistry

Mouthguard: See your local dentist. Any dentist should be able to fabricate a custom mouth guard for you. They are far superior to generic otc mouth guards.

Answered 4/16/2014


Dr. Paul Grin answered

Specializes in Pain Management

Store or dentist: tore-bought mouth-guards are inexpensive, but because they are intended to fit a variety of mouths, they tend to be less comfortable and less safe than are custom-made mouth guards. Also the materials used to make store-type mouth-guards are not as durable as those used in the dental office for the custom-made. Call you dentist today!

Answered 9/6/2014


Dr. Arnold Malerman answered

Specializes in Orthodontics

Athletic vrs night: Athletic mouth guards, to protect teeth while playing sports, can be purchased at drug or sporting goods stores (Dental section) for just a few dollars. If athletic competition is a serious part of lifestyle, best solution is have Dentist make custom alliance. Night Guards (Occlusal Orthotic) should be made and adjusted by Dentist to reduce TMJ symptoms.

Answered 7/16/2015



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