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I have few scattered calcific foci in bilateral breast.no other focal lesion seen in mammogram of both breasts.should i get worried?

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Dr. Diane Minich answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Talk with doctor: They usually do cone down views to look at the area closer, and if ok they will usually follow up in 6 months. Your doctor will have the exact reports and can tell you what they recommend.

Answered 3/11/2018


Dr. Creighton Wright answered

Specializes in surgery

Concerned: And follow-up. To be calcified, these have existed for a while. Self and professional exams are important, along with excellent mammograms. Your gyn and / or breast specialist will follow with you.

Answered 3/15/2018


Dr. Michael Gabor answered

Specializes in Diagnostic Radiology

It all depends on: the characteristics of the calcifications. There are many causes of calcification, most benign. Cancers can also cause calcifications, however. Based on the size, shape, and distribution of the calcifications, the radiologist can classify them as benign, probably benign, or suspicious. If they are benign, no follow up needed. If suspicious, they might need biopsy. What was the recommendation?

Answered 5/4/2018



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