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Could breast implants give you breast cancer?

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Dr. Mia Skourtis answered

Specializes in Surgery - Plastics

Implants and Cancer: There has been no evidence that breast implants cause breast cancer. There is a very small chance that the presence of implants could reduce the amount of breast tissue visible on mammogram, and that early breast cancers could be missed. When this question was studied, there was no evidence that implants resulted in more missed breast cancers than in women without implants.

Answered 1/1/2017


Dr. Otto Placik answered

Specializes in Surgery - Plastics

No but.....: There is no direct link but there are concerns with the potential for implants to interfere with the detection of cancer. Particularly using mammograms. Special views (eklund) must be obtained. Alhtough there may be a delay in diagnosis, there has not been shown to be any effect on survival. With mri, surveillance is improved and may supplant mammography. As stated, alcl may be increased but rare.

Answered 2/1/2014


Dr. Thomas Fiala answered

Specializes in Plastic Surgery

Short answer: no: With the exception of a very rare situation, (called ALCL) breast implants do not seem to increase the risk of breast cancers. There are multiple studies which actually show women with implants having a lower-than-expected risk of breast cancer.

Answered 4/1/2016


Dr. Joseph Mele answered

Specializes in Plastic Surgery

Breast Implants & Ca: 25% of all breast implants are used for reconstruction after breast cancer. A previous history of breast cancer is associated with a higher risk of breast cancer, and even in this high risk population, breast implants do not cause breast cancer. ALCL is not breast cancer. More about ALCL here: http://www.sanfranciscoplasticsurgeryblog.com/can-breast-implants-cause-breast-cancer-and-an-alcl-update/

Answered 11/27/2017


Dr. Jeffrey Roth answered

Specializes in Plastic Surgery

No: Years ago they were worried about the Oppenheimer effect. This does not apply to Breast Implants. There is actually a lower rate of breast cancer in women who have implants. Please see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Please let them know of your concerns. You will have all your questions answered.

Answered 10/6/2017



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