A member asked:

If breasts are removed due to breast cancer, can a woman get new breasts via an implant?

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Dr. James Heid answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Yes: Yes. Typically a bag will be put in under the muscle at the time of the breast removal (mastectomy) and then salt water put into the breast every week until you get to the size you want. Then the bag (expander) is taken out and a saline or silicone implant is put in.

Answered 4/25/2014


Dr. George T Tsai answered

Specializes in General Surgery

Implant - yes: Implant reconstruction is commonly done for breast cancer. It is sometimes done at the time of mastectomy. Not sure what you mean by new breasts. Once removed, you will not have breast function (lactation, nipple changes...) even with the best reconstruction.

Answered 9/28/2016


Dr. Travis Kidner answered

Specializes in Surgical Oncology

Yes: Yes they can. There are also other techniques where tissue from different parts of the body are used to reconstruct the breasts.

Answered 4/16/2013



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