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What does a mini endoscopic facelift not correct? is there a mini and a major? downtime for each? endoscopic approach better?

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Facelift Surgery: The effects of facial aging differ in individuals. Numerous techniques have evolved to treat facial aging. Endoscopic approaches have the advantage of shorter scars but cannot remove as much excess skin as open or longer scar procedures. Consult with a surgeon certified by the american board of plastic surgery to learn about your options.

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Depends on surgeon: This is not a precise defi it iin anderson depends on which areas the surgeon chooses to address and describe as mini versus major. So this may or may not treat the forehead/brow, upper eyelids, lower eyelids, cheek/midface, jawline, and/or neck.

Answered 1/12/2014



Depends: Depends on if it is a forehead, mid face, or lower face. Need more information. Endoscopes are useful for some, but not all things.

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Endoscopic Facelifts: Although the concept of endoscopic lifts (small incisions, precise visualization) sounds good, in practice the results have been less than inspiring. The main use for this technique is for brow lifts and mid-face lifts. The reason for this is that the anatomy is favorable. The endoscope has little benefit in the neck and along the jawline. If you go ahead, make sure your surgeon has experience!

Answered 8/27/2014



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