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Can dentists file down teeth?

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Dr. Joel Doyon answered

Specializes in Dentistry - Cosmetic

Yes tooth altering: I am assuming that this question is relating to teeth that seem to be too long and you want them shorter? Yes, this can be done after a thorough examination and explanation of results.

Answered 11/27/2017


Dr. Arnold Malerman answered

Specializes in Orthodontics

Yes: A Dentist can reshape teeth, and they do it very well. If teeth look uneven, crooked, crowded, too long, etc., best Rx could be tooth straightening rather than reshaping. Ask your Dentist for advice.

Answered 3/1/2019


Dr. Ronald Hsu answered

Specializes in Pediatric Dentistry

Yes, and..: They are probably the only ones that should do it. Tooth structure is one of the few things in our body that does not grow back and cannot be replenished naturally. So any removal should be carefully done.

Answered 5/30/2016


Dr. Paul Grin answered

Specializes in Pain Management

Yes, Selectively: Selective Grinding is not a common procedure by which the teeth are precisely altered to improve the overall contact pattern and function. Since this procedure is irreversible and involves the removal of tooth hard structure, it is of limited usefulness. Hope it helps.

Answered 4/12/2020



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