Is it ok to sleep with ankle support bandage due to ankle swelling?

Not a good idea. Generally, I would not do it. There are specific circumstances that it would be beneficial but your explanation is to vague to recommend the practice. Try elevating your foot with pillows or elevate the foot of the bed.
Yes if helpful. If an ankle support such as a brace, sleeve or ace-wrap helps reduce swelling, then yes, you can use it. If the swelling is due to an injury, then it could be very helpful. If the swelling is due to other reasons like leg swelling that tracks down to the ankle, then I think a brace will be less helpful. Do not overtighten the wrap, as this could worsen the swelling below the ankle.

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I've had foot and ankle swelling and pain since last Thursday. I also have foot and calf tightness after I sleep or sit for a whileWhat could this be?

Depends . Swelling with redness can be due to inflammation or dependent.If you have not been moving much and have swelling and cramps in one leg- it can be a sign of blood clot. If it is swelling of both sides, and not redness- it could be as simple as dependent swelling that goes away by elevating legs on pillow. If it continues, painful, or have family or personal history of clot see Dr. Read more...