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Dr. Frank Holmes

Sports Medicine
Nashville, TN
23 years experience male


Impact Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, PLLC

Nashville, TN


345 23rd Avenue N, Suite 301, Nashville, TN

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Wednesday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
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I am a sports medicine physician with a focus on patient care that emphasizes expertise, innovation and compassion. My goal is to help my patients overcome their injuries and pain and return to a satisfactory level of fitness while also accomplishing their wellness goals.

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Sports Medicine


United States: Tennessee

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A member asked:
Dr. Frank Holmes
Sports Medicine 23 years experience
Other options: A injection, particularly of a corticosteroid, can provide some relief quickly in many cases. However, depending on the size of the tear, your age, other medical problems, age of the tear, etc, this type of injection may or may not be the best plan of action for you. Physical therapy can help, but does not necessarily lead to rapid pain relief. Some tears require surgery for long-term pain relief.
A 33-year-old female asked:
Dr. Frank Holmes
Sports Medicine 23 years experience
Find another doc: A 6-month wait to see a rheumatologist is unacceptable. I would search for other rheumatologists in your area, even if 25-50 miles away if necessary. Also, your primary care physician may be able to make some phone calls on your behalf to see if you could be seen sooner. In your case, there is no substitute for an in-person exam and discussion.
A 42-year-old female asked:
Dr. Frank Holmes
Sports Medicine 23 years experience
More info helpful: The MRI report or the physician who ordered it should provide more detail. A partial tear of the upper extremity usually involves a tendon. If near your elbow, we think the common extensor (outside) or flexor (inside) tendon or the biceps. Overuse is the most common reason we see partial tears on the medial and lateral sides of the elbow. If I can help , then www.healthtap.com/dr-clarkeholmes

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This excellent physician is a colleague I greatly respect and trust!
Jul 8, 2013
excellent doctor. always gives informative posts
HealthTap member
Aug 29, 2016
A true professional! I had an elbow and shoulder problem. After a series of PRP treatments and some rehab, I feel like normal and back to normal day to day activities.
HealthTap member
Thanks for taking the time to answer! I had an MRI that revealed a blurry spot but no fracture. That was last October. Since then, 2 chiropractors have tried to straighten me out, explaining that my p...Read More
HealthTap member
Thank you for taking time to answer. Your time and effort is much appreciated. I am 51, my activities are less then they used to be due to knee pain; sitting at computer, moderate walking with one ti...Read More
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Thank you, I've never heard of plasma before. I'm going to look into that. My surgeon moved, and the other 3 o.s. I have seen seem to all have different opinions and feel i am too young for treatment...Read More

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Impact Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, PLLC
90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions, provide medical advice, write prescriptions, and more.
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