What is the best way to increase my testosterone level without androgel?

Anastrozole may help. Some guys have low testosterone (t) and high Estradiol (e2), especially if overweight. Fat tissue contains aromatase which converts t into e2. If your t divided by your e2 (t/e2 ratio) is under 10 you may be able to raise t and lower e2 with Anastrozole 1 mg a day (off-label use). This is a better choice than testosterone replacement if you want fertility, but sperm improvements are often modest.
Depends . . . The best way to increase your t w/o using AndroGel depends upon several factors, including cost, injections & future fertility. Least expensive is injectable t but the down side is the (at least) weekly shot. Any less frequent & you end up on rollercoaster as your levels go up & down. Btw, if you don't want androgel, that means no axiron, Fortesta & testim, right? Consider HCG or clomiphene, too.

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What is the best way that I can increase my testosterone level?

Legally, you cant. But your doctor can. There is nothing over the counter that works any more than a placebo. But your doc can evaluate and treat you with testosterone or medication that stimulates your testes to make more testosterone, or both. Don't just get testosterone alone unless you don't mind your testicles shrinking and eventually not working at all. Read more...
Natural T increase. Exercise is the most effective way to increase T, especially weights. Read more...