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I'm taking calcium with vitamin d in it, biotin, fish oil, daily multivitamin, power c, iron, and a birth control pill how should i properly take them?

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Dr. Randy Baker answered

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See below: You can take these all together but iron is better absorbed on an empty stomach and C enhances its absorption so ideally take those on waking or near bedtime. The calcium/D, biotin, multivit. and BC pill can all be taken with or shortly after breakfast. While you could take fish oil with these it's ideal to take separately, perhaps with dinner. It is also ideal to take C 2x/day so take AM and PM.

Answered 4/19/2016



You are a sucker: Take the birth control. Throw away all the others. Eat vegetables, fruits, salads, nuts, dairy, etc. Do not smoke. Avoid xs alcohol.

Answered 2/25/2018



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