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On a starch free diet, how long before you lose significant amount of weight? in 2 months i have lost 3 pounds, does this sound right?

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Diet: Sounds ok, but weight loss is simple. Take in fewer calories than you are expending. Eat small but satisfying meals, eliminate all snacks, sugar-containing drinks, minimize alcohol and do regular exercise. You will lose weight. And bet you will look great. Have a good weekend.

Answered 6/8/2013


Dr. Mary Ray answered

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Calorie restriction: Combine your plan with calorie restriction through the free phone app, myfitnesspal and you would be more likely to lose 10 pound in a month. Make sure you add your exercise to daily log on myfitnesspal. Don't eat under what myfitnesspal tells you to eat because in starvation mode you burn muscle not fat. Stay healthy!

Answered 10/30/2015



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