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I have hashimotos and i just got my bloodwork .thyroglobulin is way high and i have no antibodies. is this a sign i might have thyroid cancer?

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See your doc: Thyroglobulin is only made by thyroid cells. All an elevated thyroglobulin tells you is that you have "something" going on with your thyroid. It could just be inflammation, but you can't know until more tests are done. This test is not a sensitive or specific test for diagnosing thyroid cancer. See an endocrinologist to find out more.

Answered 11/22/2014


Dr. Mark Loury answered

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Unlikely: Antithyroglobulin and antiperoxidase antibodies are often elevated in thyroiditis. There are no specific blood tests for thyroid cancer.Thyroglobulin is produced by the thyroid and will be present if the gland is still there.If the gland were removed for cancer and thyroglobulin up then recurrence.If you're concerned suggest an ultrasound with needle biopsy of any nodules greater than 10mm.

Answered 12/9/2013



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