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I got invisalign a month ago. yesterday, my gums got extremely inflamed. i went to my general dentist who discovered residue bonding material underneath my gum. is the orthodontist who did the invisalign treatment responsible?

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Dr. Theodore Davantzis answered

Specializes in Dentistry

If the residual bonding material was placed by your orthodontist or their assistant, then they should take care of the issue.

Answered 1/5/2023


Dr. Dwight Romriell answered

Specializes in Pain Management

The question is who laced the bonding material. Who ever placed the bonding is responsible; unfortunately, residual bonding agent is common and should be easily carved away from the suspect area.

Answered 1/15/2023



Without having your pre-treatment records to evaluate, without being able to see the offending material, we cannot possibly provide an accurate answer. This is an educational site, not a diagnostic site. Have you been brushing 2x/day for 2 full minutes by the clock? Have you been flossing or using WaterPik every single day? If not, compromised oral hygiene can create those same symptoms.

Answered 2/1/2023



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