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I failed my 1 hour glucose test than i ate a very low carb/low sugar diet for a week & passed the three hour test. could this be considered cheating the test? my 3 hour results were, 74 at fasting, 172 after an 1 hour, 125 at 2hours, & 105 at 3 hours?

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Dr. Clarence Grim answered

Specializes in Endocrinology

Yes the normal values for the test are established by having folks eat a normal diet (ask your Dr/Lab how they define this). So you have voided the results of the test. How did you document that you were eating a very low carbsugar diet. The best way is to test your urine for ketones. So you need to repeat the test if it is important for you and your baby (if pregnant). And tell your Dr.

Answered 1/11/2022



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