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As a hypochondriac, how do i know when to take medical concerns seriously? i am always worried about something health wise, always jumping to the worst conclusion. and i cannot always go to the doctor for things. how do i tell when its real or not?

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Dr. Steven McCornack answered

Specializes in Anesthesiology

If you have a friend who is not a hypochondriac, you might run it past them. Also, specialty societies and hospitals publish criteria which you can follow. Books and the internet can give you a sense of what should be followed up on and when

Answered 6/27/2021


Dr. Reyes Cuevas answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Most insurances have a 24/7 nurse help line that you can take advantage of, call your insurer and find out. In MOST cases, a healthy 26 year old woman not on any meds shouldn't need to worry about much other than annual exams. Have you looked for therapy options?

Answered 6/26/2021


Dr. Donald Colantino answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

I agree with Dr. M's advice. I also recommend finding a compassionate physician with whom you can communicate and who will return your phone calls as be clause of your anxiety,you need reassurance when you have concerns which need to be addressed. Also don't spend too much time researching symptoms & diseases. I think a mental health professional could help by providing stress management coaching.

Answered 6/28/2021



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