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I fractured my ankle i think it is fibula almost six weeks ago still in cast but when i walk it swell's bad and hurts to the point i have to lay and elevate is this normal? also it hurts worse on the other side of ankle wise than fractured side?

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If your healing process is not proceeding as planned, it is appropriate to contact your orthopedic surgeon and get this re-evaluated. In some cases Complex Regional Pain Syndrome may interfere with recovery, and if this is present, you need diagnosis and intervention ASAP. Hope this can be reversed readily.

Answered 5/5/2021


Dr. Steven Brown answered

Specializes in Hand Surgery

Yes will have reactive swelling even with anatomical reduction for up to 6 months and walking or standing will increase edema resulting in increased pain on both sides of the ankle

Answered 5/28/2021



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