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How likely it's an ibd (perhaps in remission) given the below results crp: 4.7 mg/l faecal calprotectin: 99 ug/g b12: 133 pmol/l lipase: 18 iu/l cpk 116 iu/l amy serum 25 u/i tsh 0.82 miu/l normal lever & pancreatic tests normal calsium & vitamin d?

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Blood tests: Some autoimmune diseases, can make themselves known by simple common blood tests. Others may be harder to find and need specific tests. However, no test alone is likely to diagnose inflammatory bowel disease. It is more important to have a good history and physical. It is also helpful to follow simple blood tests over time. If there is already a diagnosis, following labs can help. Good luck

Answered 12/1/2020



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