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These symptoms started after a "stomach flu" which gave me a fever of 101.3, chills, weight loss, watery mucousy diarrhea, stomach bloating, cramping, pain, stomach bubbling, and i want to go to the er but dont know if it will help?

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Dr. Shaban Faruqui answered

Specializes in Gastroenterology

Must be eval.ASAP: It appears you may have PI-IBS after rather severe gastroenteritis. Studies have estimated that about 10 percent of people dealing with IBS fall into this IBS-PI sub-type. Risk Factors for IBS-PI--Severity of infection, Woman,Stress & Anxiety, One research study found that individuals who remained active in spite of initial gastrointestinal symptom. In your case u have to be seen by GI or ER ASAP

Answered 3/10/2019



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