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Extreme toothache, my doctor gave me 600mg ibuprofen its not working can i take it every 4hr instead of 6 also taking amoxi as well ?

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Ask your Dentist: Antibiotics may take 2-3 days to begin to control infection. But tooth will probably need root canal or extraction. Pills alone will not provide permanent cure. Call the Dentist who prescribed your Meds to discuss dosage/frequency.

Answered 1/25/2018



Don't Increase Dose: Do NOT increase your dose/frequency of taking ibuprofen. If 600mg every 6 hours is not working, do NOT start taking that dose every 4 hours...too toxic at higher levels. Instead, call your dentist and either switch to another medication or have him/her re-examine the tooth. The amoxicillin will take at least one day, probably two or three, to provide any relief (assuming you have an infection).

Answered 11/15/2018



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