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No symptoms. healthy. heart disease in family. had ct heart scan to calc my calcium score of 83. thoracic aorta ascending aorta was 3.8 cm, atherosclerosis . what does that mean? age 50, 162lbs, bp 130/80, male, 6-1 height. no meds. aspirin daily

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Coronary calcium: Normal coronary arteries do not contain calcium. Therefore your mild to moderate score could indicate coronary artery blockage of uncertain degree. In view of your family history , I recommend that you undergo a maximal treadmill stress test (echo or nuclear)for further screening for significant coronary artery blockage and consideration for intensive statin therapy and Cardiology consultation.

Answered 8/16/2017


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Heart: http://www.umm.edu/programs/diagnosticrad/services/technology/ct/cardiac-calcium-scoring BMI OK. Calcium score 83 is mild . Watch lifestyle , check lipids, repeat in 3-5 yrs - progression is more indicative of risk. Aorta is upper limits repeat in 1 year. Also check abdominal aorta size. You are OK but are in the category of follow up and monitor healthy lifestyle. Don't worry f/w/u w/doc

Answered 1/27/2021



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