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I exercise and run about 9-10pm and by 11:30pm im in bed and then i get heart flutters and palpitations. only on days i exercise usually and its after?

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Dr. Krishna Kumar answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

Exercise Palpitation: Strenuous or excessive exercise can put a strain on the heart may cause heart flutters and palpitations. Let Wise Man within you reflect: •Need to do Strenuous or excessive exercise •Need to feel good about your muscles and appearance •Need to impress others •Stress in your Life •Breathing and Music Relaxation •Visual Imagery •To see Physician •To see a Therapist for Coping Skills for stress.

Answered 11/27/2017


Dr. Edward Hellman answered

Specializes in Orthopedic Surgery

Be seen: I would recommend you be seen and evaluated. Although it is not common, there are many cases of even high level athletes that have had congenital cardiac conditions that became progressively symptomatic with exercise. You need a thorough cardiac evaluation.

Answered 5/12/2016



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