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A 20-year-old member asked:

how to boost testosterone?

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Dr. Brian Flyer
Internal Medicine 40 years experience
Testosterone: First of all, it's important that you don't take tv commercial ads seriously. They often talk about 'low t', like it's an epidemic. Testosterone testing is notoriously unreliable and the actual number of people with low t is a small fraction of what advertisers want you to believe. Therefore, for most people, it isn't necessary to boost your level. Low libido could be from depression, stress.
Dr. Gary Greenly
Family Medicine 37 years experience
Low testosterone: Testosterone replacement therapy is an fda approved practice in aging males, or male that are hypogonadal for other reasons. Androgel, axiron, and injectable testosterones are the ones most commonly prescribed. Total testosterone levels below 300 ng/dl result in fatigue, decreased libido, increased body adiposity, erectile dysfunction, and decreased cognitive function. The diagnosis needstreatment.
Dr. Jennie Law
Endocrinology 14 years experience
If mild,: Consider these harmless lifestyle changes that can boost yor testosterone naturally: sleep hygiene to improve sleep quality and duration (even a few days of poor sleep can drop testosterone levels), lose weight, and optimize the treatment of any chronic disease you may have (uncontrolled illness can lower testosterone).
Dr. Slade Suchecki
Family Medicine 18 years experience
I have found my patients w/ low testosterone who exercise more will elevate their levels significantly without further treatment.
Feb 19, 2012
Dr. Stephen Chinn
Urology 38 years experience
Eliminating EtOH and any other hepatic stimulants/irritants may decrease SHBG, and increase "free" testosterone levels.
Apr 19, 2014
Dr. Elvia Greathouse
Obstetrics and Gynecology 22 years experience
Weight can be an important element as well. Fat cells "aromatize" or metabolism fat into estradiol. This would negate any effects of free testosterone in the body. Protein rich foods may help. Eliminating alcohol is important. Symptoms are an important sign. If you experience significant fatigue, inability to lose weight or gain lean muscle, poor motivation, low sex drive, get evaluated.
Feb 1, 2015
Dr. Gregory Carter
Urology 39 years experience
Options: No need to boost testosterone unless you have symptoms of low T, and blood levels of T are low, or very low normal range. If truly need T level increased, best options are topical T gel products applied to skin daily, or implantable T pellets placed under skin 2-4 times a year (depending on product used) in a 5 min offc procedure. Injections are synthetic, T levels and symptoms fluctuate.

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A 37-year-old member asked:

How can I boost my testosterone naturally?

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Dr. Alvin Lin
Geriatrics 30 years experience
Hard work: Lifting heavy weights using large muscle groups can temporarily increase t. Recent abstract announced at aua meeting suggests that exercise (enough to lose weight) can decrease risk of hypogonadism or low t. Average t incr'd by 15-20% in this study of obese men. Plan to stay away from dietary supplements. No peer-reviewed published data supports use of any dietary supplement to boost t.
A 21-year-old male asked:

How can I boost testosterone level naturally?

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Dr. Arman Roksar
Prosthodontics 25 years experience
Sleep: Number one way to increase testosterone levels is to get enough sleep. Halibut can raise testosterone levels because it’s high in magnesium. Magnesium makes it more difficult for testosterone to latch onto proteins in the body. As a result, testosterone is distributed in the blood, helping to kick up your sex drive. Asparagus is considered a good booster.
A 37-year-old member asked:

How is it that fat boosts testosterone?

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Dr. David Sneid
Endocrinology 41 years experience
Insulin resistance: Insulin resistance from obesity in women leads to higher testosterone levels -- but it does not do so in men, where levels can actually decline.
Syosset, NY
A 33-year-old male asked:

Are there natural ways to boost testosterone ?

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Dr. Jason Gittman
Internal Medicine 46 years experience
BOOST TESTOSTERONE?: Testosterone is a steroid hormone secreted by the testis in men and ovaries in women. A small amount is also secreted by the adrenal glands. Testosterone levels decline with age in humans and unfortunately there are no natural ways to boost the hormone. The only way to boost testosterone levels in the blood is from externally administered testosterone.
East Meadow, NY
A 80-year-old male asked:

Can certain foods boost testosterone naturally?

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Dr. Addagada Rao
General Surgery 56 years experience
NO UNLIKELY: No scientific proof certain food will increase testosterone but need building blocks like cholesterol , proteins etc which are present in regular food supply. Body has its own mechanism to maintain its levels if levels are low as in bilateral testicular removal for cancer then could be administered . Only one that benefit from those products are people who sell them , buyers are the losers .

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