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What are the most common thoracic injuries and abdominal injuries/conditions in sports?

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Dr. Kornelis Poelstra answered

Specializes in Orthopedic Spine Surgery

Sport & Spine: Sport injuries to the thoracic spine are rare, but can include muscle strains and sprains; hematoma (bleeding in the muscle from blunt trauma), or fractures of spinous- or transverse processes, or, less likely, a thoracic compression fracture with rib injuries right next to it. Abdominally, blunt spleen- or liver injury can happen, and intra-abdominal bleeking, but that's rare... Be careful!

Answered 2/26/2017


Dr. Douglas Chang answered

Specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Depends on the sport: For contact sports: rib trauma/splenic rupture, for others muscle strain/hernia.

Answered 9/7/2013



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