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How often should i workout if i want to gain muscle mass, what protein supplements if any should i take?

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4-5 days/week: To increase muscle mass, strength training 4-5 days/week with 2 recuperative days is recommended. A diet high in protein should be sufficient nutrition, but if you are not sure about your protein intake, then a protein supplement should help.

Answered 4/10/2018


Dr. Swati Avashia answered

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2-3 times a wk: Strength training 2-3 times a week helps to build muscle mass. Protein supplements aren't necessary but you should be getting adequate protein in your diet. Talk with your doctor or a nutritionist to determine how much protein you should be getting for your age and weight. The institute of medicine recommends 0.8 grams/kg bodyweight/day.

Answered 11/7/2014



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