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A puppy with no anti-rabies shot, bit me in my thumb just below the nail. is that enough to give me rabies?

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Could be!: It would depend on where the puppy had been and what it had been exposed to. If it had come in contact with a rabid animal or carcass, or other rabid animal, and licked, chewed or faught with it, then you could get the rabies virus infection. You should quarantine the animal for 2 weeks, or have animal control do it and notify them immediatly and seek advise on rabies shots. Rabies is deadly!

Answered 6/13/2017



No: Puppies would be extraordinarily unlikely to be carriers of rabies. Puppies bite people and children all of the time as a normal exercise of their practice chewing. You shouldn't worry about this at all.

Answered 7/3/2016



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