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Dr. Danny Proffitt

Family Medicine
Fayetteville, AR
43 years experience male



Fayetteville, AR


1125 N. College Ave., Fayetteville, AR

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Wednesday: 0800am - 1700pm
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UAMS Northwest Family Medical Center-Fayetteville

Fayetteville, AR



Born and raised in Dyess, AR. This is the home of Johnny Cash. Located in NE AR north of Memphis, TN. Dyess was the first planned community and a WPA project in the early 30's under the Roosevelt Administration. Fascinating history. Attened ASU in Jonesboro, AR and then UAMS in Little Rock. Residency in Family Medicine at UAMS AHEC-NW Family Practice Residency Program in Fayetteville, AR. Married Anita Kirk and have 3 boys, twins, David and John and then Andrew. Have practice Family Medicine as an academic career all of my career. Love men's choral singing and am a founding member of the "Singing Men of Arkansas" a 60 voice men's acapella chorus (www.singingmenofarkansas.org). I love chronic disease management, men's health, procedural medicine, health policy, health system disign, photography, gardening and landscaping, travel, Razorback Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track and Field and anything Razorback.

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Family Medicine

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A 23-year-old male asked:
Dr. Danny Proffitt
Family Medicine 43 years experience
Many: Dry nose and scabbing can be due to excessive picking at nose, allergies, bacterial infections, and others. Avoid picking the nose, use saline nasal sprays, humidification, a small amount of vaseline in the nose and consider the use of intranasal antibiotics. You may need to see your pcp or ENT for evaluation. Humidification, humidification, humidification is the answer. Lots of saline spray!
A 18-year-old male asked:
Dr. Danny Proffitt
Family Medicine 43 years experience
Inflammation: Most likely you have a condition called costochondritis. This is due to poor blood flow to the cartilage of the lower ribs. Correct your posture and you will get better. In the mean time, use some ice packs or hot packs and some anti-inflammatories as you are allowed and you should be better. If not, see your pcp.
A 32-year-old female asked:
Dr. Danny Proffitt
Family Medicine 43 years experience
Probable infection: I wold use some warm packs 15 minutes every hour and observe. If continues to be tender, or if there is heat or redness or pus, or fever or chills or a rash, then i would get seen urgently and get diagnosed and treated. I would refrain from any picking, sticking needles or such into the area or pressing on this area. Keep hands away from face. See pcp if concern.

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Apr 7, 2013
Answers patient's questions in a timely manner. Very knowledgeable!
HealthTap member
Jan 26, 2012
Why do I recommend Dr. Proffitt? One simple reason, not only the expert prompt response, but the kind thoughtful words at the end, "Best to you." Lovely, simply lovely.
HealthTap member
Mar 31, 2015
Dr. Proffitt is an amazing doctor! #nationaldoctorsday2015 #virtualflower1
HealthTap member
Thank you so much I was para form bad Harley accident I could not move my legs I had a baby prayed everyday that I woul walk with her Iam walking but I have no balance is there any Dr that you can re...Read More
HealthTap member
thank you. unfortunately my supervisor will not do a darn thing about it. this person contracted it from her pot belly pig. i told her from previous experience with my son when he was 2 he got it from...Read More
HealthTap member
thank u for the info. i was taking enzime pills 6 years ago they had told me to eat right and it wouldnt cause a problem but i have been esting right. and evert now and then,like once a month per say ...Read More

Education & Training

Medical/Graduate school

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences/UAMS College of Medicine, AR
Graduated 1978MD


UAMS AHEC-NW Family Practice Residency Program-Fayetteville, AR


President, Arkansas Academy of Family Physicians, 2009-2010
90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions, provide medical advice, write prescriptions, and more.
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