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I am almost 30 years old and i still have most of my baby teeth. is this normal?

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Dr. John Comisi answered

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Really?: It is atypical for that to be the case. I have seen patients with one or two "baby teeth" that have been retained because the adult teeth did not form to replace them, but i'm not personally aware of individuals with "most" of their baby teeth at 30.

Answered 4/25/2016



Other health issues?: Occasionally, people have one or two baby (deciduous) teeth retained into adulthood. Some syndromes are associated with retained baby teeth - down's syndrome, hyperimmunoglobulin e syndrome (hyper-ige)- but i think you'd know if you have these conditions.

Answered 6/10/2013



Unusual: The patient who holds the record in my office was missing 20 of 32 permanent teeth. You might want to be examined by an orthodontist who can evaluate whether you need tooth movement to create the best platform on which to do tooth replacement.

Answered 9/29/2013



??: Your profile says you are 49 years from Staten Island, NY but you said you are almost 30? Something isn't adding up. But to your question, if you have "most" of your baby teeth, as in more than 10 out of the typical 20 baby teeth, then it is unusual and maybe associated with certain genetic conditions. Please consult a dentist.

Answered 10/27/2016


Dr. Paul Grin answered

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Genetic Disorder: The diagnosis of anodontia may be confirmed by means of panoramic X-ray. The good news are that Implants are a good long-term solution to replacing baby teeth.

Answered 1/2/2016



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