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There is a rash around the mouth of a five year old girl. ithas been there for around two weeks. what should i do?she doesn't have health insurance yet.

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Dr. Peter Lio answered

Need more info: Eczema, a cold sore, or a bacterial infection like impetigo can develop around the mouth in children. Sometimes an irritant contact dermatitis can present in the same place as well. I'd recommend seeing a doctor to help with this one. Most urgent care centers or emergency rooms will not turn your child away due to lack of health insurance. Just call and they will help guide you.

Answered 4/24/2015


Dr. Ahmad Eslami answered

Specializes in Periodontics

Oral Rash: From your explanation it sound like there is "fungus" growth in the mouth (candida or thrush). I highly recommend seeing your dentist (pedodontist) or at least dermatogist.

Answered 12/15/2012


Dr. Joshua Fox answered

Specializes in Dermatology

Children: Children are susceptible to minor infections since they get in contact with everything on their way and possibly put them in their mouth etc. The rash may be an allergic contact dermatitis that she was in contact or food that she has taken. A low potency over the counter steroidal cream may resolve it. You must careful to read the instructions as suggested for children.

Answered 10/4/2016



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