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A 33-year-old member asked:

Are there any alternatives to laser teeth whitening?

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Dr. Majid Jamali
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 27 years experience
Teeth : Teeth whitening at home which is done by trays made by your dentist.
Dr. Alvaro Lazo
Dentistry 25 years experience
Yes: There are some other light activated materials. Led and halogen are just some of them, and also and home bleaching.
Dr. Mark Venincasa
Dentistry - Cosmetic 36 years experience
Yes...: There are whitening gels that can be used at home, and their are stronger gels that can be used under the supervision of a dentist. I would visit with your dentist and discuss this. If you do not have a dentist we do provide alternatives to laser teeth whitening within my office.
Dr. Stephen Gordon
44 years experience
Yes, but.....: Is your question in regards to safety? Professionally dentist performed teeth whitening is both safe and effective. Or do you want lesser cost options? Such as take home trays, dentist supplied sheer white strips or dentist supplied crest white strips all work but to varying degrees the best, but more costly system is kor - which combines 2 -in office light activated tx and custom trays.

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A 36-year-old member asked:

Is laser teeth whitening safe?

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Dr. Keith Hasday
Dentistry 37 years experience
Yes: Laser tooth whitening has been shown to be safe, but is it effective. In the short term it is. Over longer periods of time, the stains can return to your teeth. Often laser whitening should be followed by bursts of use of custom trays with whitening gels to obtain a more long term result. You need a thorough oral evaluation to see if you are a candidate for whitening first.
A 34-year-old member asked:

What exactly does the laser for teeth whitening do?

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Dr. Charlene Sojico
Pediatrics 42 years experience
Whitens the teeth: Your dentist applies a teeth whitening gel and points the laser at the teeth, the light removes the yellow stains.The laser light is used to enhance the penetration of the whitening gel into your teeth enamel, thus improving the result if the tooth bleaching.In most cases , you do not need further treatments.
A 28-year-old male asked:

What is the definition or description of: laser teeth whitening?

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Dr. Frederick Knoll
Dentistry 50 years experience
See the long answer: Tooth whitening that is performed with the aid of a light (such as the zoom light) is called laser tooth or teeth whitening. From a pure scientific standpoint, the light does absolutely nothing. It is a marketing tool to make you think that the light is doing something. Tooth whitening is accomplished by using powerful oxidizing agents. The agents that are good must be applied by your dentist.
Dr. Alan Zweig
Dr. Alan Zweig commented
Prosthodontics 46 years experience
It is also not a laser, but a regular light. Some products like Luma Cool use an LED light.
Dec 5, 2012
Dr. John Comisi
Dr. John Comisi commented
Dentistry 39 years experience
Every study I have read indicates that the "light" of whatever form is unnecessary. It is the bleaching agent that does the work. Anything else is "just for show".
Dec 27, 2012
Dr. James Beck
Dr. James Beck commented
Dentistry 12 years experience
The salesperson who sells me Zoom says it heats up the bleaching agent, but I doubt it really does anything.
Jan 3, 2013
A 18-year-old female asked:

Does laser teeth whitening affect my teeth negatively?

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Dr. Ragan Faler
Dentistry 25 years experience
Sensitivity: Other than some sensitivity to cold, there isn't any damage that occurs. Whitening is temporary regardless of the method used.
A 43-year-old member asked:

Where can I go to get laser teeth whitening?

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Dr. Tarek Hamid
Dentistry 10 years experience
Your dentist: Most of today's dental offices offer teeth whitening , and have the proper equipment and technologies that qualifying dentists and only dentist to do that kind of treatment..

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