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My ears were blocked with wax i went to the er cause i god not hear after all the was removed i hear low pitched sounds im ear i know it might just be tinnitus but is this because the wax was removed before that i used a q tips in my ear. ever time its q

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Tinnitis : Tinnitis can have varying pitches and typically points to an inner ear problem that isn't related to wax in your ear (which can cause a conductive hearing loss). The best way to initially assess this is with an audiogram that your ENT can perform.

Answered 12/3/2018



Not sure what you : Are asking. Tinnitus is an inner ear problem but ear wax build up affecting the tympanic membrane/ear drum can cause this. My guess is that the er tx inflamed the ear drum and caused the tinnitus. You should see an ENT doc.

Answered 2/9/2017



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