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How are young children treated for cavities? our two year old has a cavity, for which she's going to be treated next week. we're wondering what that procedure entails for young kids and if there is anything special we need to do beforehand? our dentist ju

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Dr. Theodore Davantzis answered

Specializes in Dentistry

At : At two years old, i would hope that this cavity is small. Maybe her dentist plans on giving her nitrous oxide, which can make one a little nauseous. At a minimum, you should not frighten her. Has she been to this dentist before? Does she know the office? Not much info given in your question. And then, it just may be a small filling and the dentist just wants to prevent her from vomiting all over the operatory if she gets nervous. Call the office and ask them exactly what they plan on doing. They are better able to explain their actions.

Answered 10/3/2016


Dr. Neil McLeod answered

Specializes in Prosthodontics

This : This is a sad scenario, and yet one which we have to deal with as professionals. If we dont start cleaning those teeth as soon as they erupt they can get decayed. The request to make sure that your son has had nothing to eat is a hint that the dentist is considering using a general anesthetic. You are right to have a concern about whether there was more you needed to do. I just don't like giving young kids those sorts of drugs if it is at all possible to avoid doing so. You might want to discuss all the treatment option again so that you have a clearer idea about just what is to be done. With my best wishes dr neil mcleod dds dentistry that lasts - quality that counts.

Answered 10/4/2016


Dr. Gary Chapman answered

Specializes in Dentistry - Orthodontics

With care: Jule, you should really talk to your dentist. A child is learning as they grow up. A good, early dental experience is key to a life time of healthy happy teeth. Pick a dentist or pediatric dentist that is skilled in the handling of small children. They have many techniques to make the experience an easy one. Set them off on the right foot and dental care will not be scary for them.

Answered 1/4/2015


Dr. Arnold Malerman answered

Specializes in Orthodontics

Similar to adult: The tooth will be numbed up, the infection removed, and a filling places. In the hands of a skilled dentist who works well with children, or a pediatric dental specialist, this should be an opportunity for your child and the dentist to make friends. Ask your dentist to talk with you about brushing, flossing, sealants, diet, and Fluoride both ingested and topical.

Answered 6/25/2014



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