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I am 34 and wondering if i might have thyroid cancer... i am 34 and have had hypothroidism for most of my life and taking synthroid. a few months back i had a check up and my tsh went up to 7 doc increased dose 4 weeks later tsh level still at 7 dose incr

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You : You can rest assured that thyroid cancer does not cause this. There are several possible reasons for the TSH to go up, but none are thyroid cancer. Reasons for the TSH going up could be: 1) your thyroid is getting more underactive which sometimes happens in people with hashimoto's thyroiditis 2) you have gained weight 3) you having started taking antacids 4) you have started taking the thyroid pills at the same time you take calcium, iron, or magnesium containing substances, 5) you have started taking the thyroid pills with food 6) the pharmacy has made an error in prescribing 7) you have developed a benign growth on the pituitary gland which is producing too much thyroid hormone (this is extremely rare).

Answered 12/29/2016



Thyroid: The changes in your TSH is not an indication of thyroid cancer. One reason may be erratic absorption. Be sure to take your medication with an empty stomach. No food or coffee for 30 min. No calcium or iron for 2-3 hr.

Answered 4/8/2015



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