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A 33-year-old member asked:

Is it normal to have pain in the foot from a condition called mortons neuroma?

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Dr. Arnold Beresh
Podiatry 42 years experience
Yes: Pain & burning are common symptoms.
Dr. Sarah Benjamin
Podiatry 18 years experience
Yes: Neuromas are treated with injections, pads, shoe changes, physical therapy, custom orthotics, topical creams and if all else fails, surgery.
Dr. Jeffrey Bowman
39 years experience
Yes: Morton's neuroma can be quite painful from cramps, burning, numbness to sharp pain. There are lots of treatment options available both conservative to surgical. Discuss all options with your doctor but suggest conservative treatment first. Hope that helps!
Dr. David Hettinger
Podiatry 37 years experience
Sometimes it is!: If just 2 or 3 toes are "numb" this could be from a specific type of nerve irritation called a neuroma. If all the toes are numb, something else may be going on. See a podiatrist for a physical exam and diagnosis. Then specific treatment is much easier to recommend. If you want to try something on your own, try a metatarsal raise pad. http://www.hapad.com/search-by-product/metatarsal-arch-pads.h.

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Last updated Aug 2, 2020


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