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I had a dental treatment done over a year ago. will i still be able to sue my dentist?

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Dr. Kevin Hanley answered

Specializes in Orthodontics

Maybe: This is covered by the statute of limitations in the state you live. Each state will have different time periods to bring such a suit. However, unless the dentist won't talk to you, i recommend you go back to the dentist to discuss the matter. You may be able to reach a satisfactory compromise and not have to go through the agony of a trial.

Answered 11/8/2012


Dr. Sal Aragona answered

Specializes in Dentistry

Why?: If you are willing, the best approach with complications or problems arising from dental treatment is to seek advise and care from your treating dentist. Even if you are not pleased with your experience with this approach, filing a complaint with the local peer review organization can get to a result that your pleased with. Attorneys and lawsuits are the last resort with much time on your part.

Answered 1/28/2017



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