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Can you tell me what is the recovery time from spinal cord stimulator implant?

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Dr. Paul Slosar answered

Specializes in Orthopedic Surgery

Variable: It can range from weeks to months depending on the complexity of the surgery for implant and the skill of the surgeon.

Answered 1/6/2017


Dr. William Newton answered

Specializes in Pain Management

Few days to weeks: Normally patients will be sore for the first week if the underwent a percutaneous implant as compared to a paddle implant. Paddle implants require some bone removal and are more invasive. These will require a longer recovery and may be more painful. After about a month i release my patients to become more active as tolerated. I have had patients return to sedentary jobs in as early as one week.

Answered 5/28/2019


Dr. Kevin Vaught answered

Specializes in

6 weeks: It takes about six weeks to completely recover.

Answered 6/30/2018


Dr. Marshall Bedder answered

Specializes in Pain Management

Approx. 6 weeks: Any surgery results in skin and muscle being incised to get to whatever target is being treated. The human body takes about 6 weeks to repair and regenerate these tissues back to about as full strength as they will be. The actual surgery for a SCS implant involves a small incision near the spine to insert the needle to thread the leads and anchor them, and a separate incision for the generator.

Answered 1/10/2020



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