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Whatelse cause my high ldl as it is confirmed not cause by high cholesterol food , thyroid, genetic?

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Dr. Rick Koch answered

Genetics: Plays a strong role...But other important factors to consider are weight, exercise & no smoking.

Answered 10/10/2012



Probably genetic.: Most cases of high cholesterol do have a genetic basis, and this does not necessarily mean that your parents or other family members share the same clinical presentation. I am curious to why you state that your high cholesterol is confirmed not genetic, as this is virtually impossible to confirm or disaffirm.

Answered 7/16/2013


Dr. Michael Rothman answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Oxidative stress : Cholesterol has many important roles in your body, including precursors of corticosteroidal hormones, bile salts and vitamin d. However, one of the most vital roles of cholesterol is its role in your cell membrane where it helps control oxidative metabolism and has anti-oxidant properties. If you are being subject to high levels of oxidative stress your cholesterol will increase to combat this.

Answered 1/7/2013



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