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A 42-year-old member asked:

how long does local anesthesia last?

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Dr. Orrin Ailloni-Charas
Anesthesiology 29 years experience
It depends. : The duration of action of a local anesthetic is related to the choice of the specific medication and its uptake and metabolism. Some local anesthetics last longer than others. The location of the administration and whether or not a vasoconstrictor was added to slow uptake also have impact. A discussion with your doctor about expectations is appropriate.
Dr. Ronald Achong
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 18 years experience
Depends: It can last less than an hour to over several hours. There are many different types of local anesthesia and some without epinephrine. Usually anesthetics that have epinephrine, have a longer duration of action.
Dr. Richard Pollard
Anesthesiology 30 years experience
Varies: Some local anesthetics wear off within 30 minutes, while other are specifically designed to be active for up to 20 hours. It depends on the type and location of the drug. Talk to your anesthesiologist about medications that they will use.
Dr. Anthony Pollizzi
Anesthesiology 36 years experience
Hours: The LAs may last up to 24 hours depending on the type of drug used.,

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A member asked:

What can I do if my local context is not supportive of breastfeeding?

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Dr. Patricia Vuguin
Pediatrics 33 years experience
Breastfeeding: Education is an essential component of successful breastfeeding. Exclusive breastfeeding is sufficient to support optimal growth and development for the first 6 months of life and provides continuing protection against diarrhea and respiratory infections. Recognize the possible effect of cultural diversity around your cycles on breastfeeding attitudes and educate them!
A 43-year-old member asked:

I took my enaxoprin this morning and my water just broke, do I have other options for anesthesia?

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Dr. Megan Bird
Obstetrics and Gynecology 19 years experience
Yes: There are pain medications that we can put into your IV to help with your pain. Depending on how long your labor lasts you may still be able to get an epidural.
A 33-year-old member asked:

How is local anesthesia administered?

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Dr. Barry Rosen
General Surgery 34 years experience
Injection: Local anesthetic is typically injected by needle into the tissue immediately below the skin in the area that one wants to numb. This can usually be performed with minimal pain for procedures that are performed at the level of the skin or just below. Muscle cannot be numbed by local anesthetic, limiting it's application for most operations.
A 27-year-old member asked:

What are the major side effects of general anesthesia?

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Dr. Scott Mackinnon
Anesthesiology 33 years experience
Many side effects: The side effects are many but fortunately short lived. Probably the most significant is post operative nausea in the immediate period after surgery, this is treatable. Prolonged "grogginess", confusion in the elderly, sleepiness, sore throat(transient) are other side effects. It is important to know that these are typically absent on day two.
Dr. Kamel Ghandour
A Verified Doctor commented
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Dr. Mackinnon is right. There can be many side effects. Remember that the side effects can be anticipated by your health history so be honest with your doctors so that they can minimize the side effects. Also remember that your doctors and nurses are trained to help you deal with and manage the side effects. Good luck.
Mar 3, 2012
A 31-year-old member asked:

Went to dentist and had local anaesthetic applied. How long before I can eat and feel right?

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Dr. David Padula
Dentistry 34 years experience
Depends on amount: As far as when you can eat it depends on the type of restoration placed. As far as feeling right, it depends on how much was given, location of of injection and your metabolism rate. Usually i tell my patients the felling should last 2-3 hours. If you are more active, this can shorten this time, the type of anesthetic also matters.

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