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My 16 yr old daughter found out today that she has a 7 cm ovarian cyst. (on the pill) she can barely move from the pain! what do we do?

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Dr. Denise Elser answered

Specializes in Gynecology

See gynecologist!: 7 cm cysts are usually benign but may need surgery due to size. Pain can be due to "torsion" or twisting of the blood supply to the ovary, risking the health of that ovary. The pain can be from the size of the ovary or partial rupture. Surgery does not necessarily require removal of the ovary but could be only removal of the cyst.

Answered 1/22/2015


Dr. Daniel Maddox answered

Specializes in Allergy and Immunology

Pelvic pain: Hopefully the cyst will resolve quickly - most do. In the meantime, a TENS unit with electrodes placed on the skin in both groin lines can offer significant relief without drugs. Your doctor can review your cyst history and there may be a rationale for some additional endocrine testing to see why your cysts are so large and painful.

Answered 6/5/2014



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