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Does atypical cells mean i already have cnacer cells?

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Dr. Carlo Contreras answered

Specializes in Surgical Oncology

It's a grey zone: Atypical cells mean that they don't look completely normal, but they don't look quite bad enough to be called cancer. They are cells that have started going through some of the changes that could lead to cancer in the future. The risk of that conversion to cancer depends on what part of the body, and what kind of environment led to the atypia in the first place.

Answered 6/13/2018


Dr. Weili Sun answered

Atypical cells: Atypical cells usually mean the cells appeared to look different under the microscope. However, they don't look like cancer cells. Besides pre-malignant stage, other reasons they look different could be from infection, medication, and chemicals.

Answered 6/29/2017



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