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Hi, if take unisom to sleep and get thru 2 bottles of 30 pills in about ten days is there a problem?

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Dr. Richard Zimon answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

YES: YES...although Unisom is a relatively "safe" anti-histamine you need to see your Medical Professional for some information re "sleep hygiene" and perhaps a SHORT term "real" sleeping aid! Hope this helps Dr Z

Answered 6/18/2015


Dr. Jane Lykins answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Yes!: This is a MUCH higher dose than is recommended and could be dangerous for your body to process. You will also likely develop a tolerance at the very least and find it takes more and more to have any effect. See your PCP to discuss other sleep meds, avoid alcohol and caffeine too late in the day, limit "screen time" before bed, make sure your bedroom is cool, dark, and quiet.

Answered 1/22/2016



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