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A 27-year-old female asked:

Ppi's are actually making my gerd worse, (this is not in my head) does anyone have an explanation for this?

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Dr. Ajay Acharya
A Verified Doctoranswered
38 years experience
Depends: Treatment of GERD.... avoid spicy hot food, Make your carbonated drink flat, Raise head end 15-30 deg up, Do not go to bed immidiate after fool meal....stay upright for a hr or so, reduce your abdominal obesity. In spite of that if no releif...add a pro kienetic med like reglan (metoclopramide).
Dr. Anthony Fritz
Internal Medicine 34 years experience
Esophagus: Esophageal hypersensitivity is the most common reason for "failure" of PPIs that are being taken compliantly. Please consider seeing your health care provider for additional or alternative treatment
Dr. Leslie Leighton
Internal Medicine 38 years experience
Not GERD: If PPIs are not helping and actually making things worse you probably do not have true GERD.
Dr. Anne Phelan-adams
A Verified Doctoranswered
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Theoretically: The stomach is highly acidic for many good reasons. For one, acid helps kill bacteria that might otherwise cause intestinal infection. Also, it helps prevent colonization by yeast which ferment in the stomach & cause belching, stomach discomfort and, perversely, increased acid in the esophagus. Unless stomach acidity is the prime culprit in your case, PPI's could make your symptoms worse.
Dr. David Earle
General Surgery 32 years experience
Stop PPI's: First thing to do is stop the meds causing a problem. May need to confirm the diagnosis. This is best done with testing - high resolution esophageal manometry, 24 or 48 hour pH testing off medication, upper endoscopy, and possibly upper GI contrast study. May need a referral to a GI specialist, or surgeon performing anti-reflux procedures to get these done. Hope this helps!

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