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To make sure i am not consuming too many carbs or calories, does this mean i have to constantly look at nutrition labels of every single thing i eat?

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Dr. Amanda Stream answered

Specializes in Critical Care

No: If you are at a healthy weight and eating mainly whole, unprocessed foods then the answer is no. If you are looking to lose weight, then it would help to keep a food diary to get an idea of how much you are taking in and adjust you calories and food choices accordingly. You should be able to maintain your body's ideal weight on whole foods without agonizing over carbohydrates and calories.

Answered 8/24/2014


Dr. Martin Fried answered

Specializes in Nutrition

No: vegetables are low in calories and carbs. It would be virtually impossible to overeat in calories and carbs if you eat a vegetable predominant diet- At least half your plate full of veggies, snack on veggies. You will get full and get loads of nutrients. Then use portion control for the rest- 3 ounces of meat or chicken- is size of a deck of cards. 1/2 cup of starch is the size of a light bulb-

Answered 9/8/2014



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