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We have a globe, each county is made out of different stones. say sones were radioactive. would radioactivity get on you like a germ?

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Dr. Alan Kelly answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Unlikely: IF those stones were radioactive (unlikely - not radioactive enough), then they could emit gamma rays (think x-rays) that could penetrate your body and cause genetic damage. Or you could ingest radioactive particles that could concentrate and cause genetic damage. This happens after a melt-down or nuclear explosion - a person can ingest radioactive iodine and it concentrates in the thyroid.

Answered 8/16/2014


Dr. Laura Martin answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

No: radioactivity is like heat, you don't have to touch it to have it touch you. It penetrates if strong. Unlikely that you have any radioactive substance, can be tested, cheap kits available. It just start from the point of origin and reaches out through bodies, like an x ray...you don't feel it. Its danger is that it can damage tissues that it goes through.

Answered 5/24/2015



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