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What do you suggest if my swollen eyelids are not going away with the use of zaditen eyedrops. do i need a stronger eyedrop?

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Eye exam: It's difficult to determine the cause of your swelling without an examination. If it is allergies, there are many eye drops for allergies that are available, both prescription and OTC. Some may work better than others for different patients. Cold compresses help, but ultimately, you need an exam.

Answered 5/14/2015


Dr. Keshav Narain answered

Specializes in Retinal Surgery

See an eye doctor: We are actually pretty good at figuring out the causes of swelling in the eye once we have seen the eye and understood the symptoms better. With a telemedicine application you may one day be able to do this. You could send your doc an image and he could learn a great deal more. In the meantime, your best bet is your family practice doctor or your eye doctor. Good luck.

Answered 6/13/2017



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