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25 year old white male. hypertensive. 10 mg lisinopril to manage hbp. i exercise and eat well. pulse pressure 60-70 on average. should i be concerned?

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Pulse Pressure: I presume you are talking about systolic minus diastolic pressures on average. Normal is around 30 to 40. 60-70 is definitely to high. It sounds like the Lisinopril is not being effective. Lots of variables here. Are you of normal wt and BMI? Are you ingesting large amounts of salt and/or caffeine? What OTC drugs are you taking.? Good BP technique, cuff size, 5 min rest while sitting important.

Answered 6/27/2014


Dr. Silviu Pasniciuc answered

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Systolic/diastolic: First of all we need to make sure your BP readings are reliable. Secondary HTN, specifically sleep apnea, renal conditions or vascular abnormalities will be considered if your prescriber decides that your BP becomes hard to control. Is the inhaler that you are using steroid based?

Answered 6/18/2014



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