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I have two separate rashes on my left calf. it doesn't itch. it does feel warm to the touch. but no pain. do i need to see a doctor?

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Dr. Lawrence Parish answered

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Dermatitis: They are probably the same. without seeing it, it is not possible to know what it is. See your dermatologist.

Answered 6/7/2014


Dr. John Chiu answered

Specializes in Allergy and Immunology

Yes if persistent: It is not easy to tell what caused the rash especially without an exam. Although it is unlikely to help, there is no harm in trying some topical cortisone cream on the rash for a week or so. If the rash fails to improve, then see you doctor. I was away for a long vacation and thus did not get a chance to answer your question.

Answered 6/22/2014



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