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Lower braces removed and upper brace tightened.but was unable to have monthly checkup(didn't tighten upper teeth).lower small gap persists. any remedy?

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Dr. Paul Grin answered

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See orthodontist: Do not get any advice on the internet (e.g. rubber bands, or do it yourself orthodontics). You are not late, most orthodontists see patients every 4-6 weeks. Without them your teeth will move and the entire treatment could be jeopardized. You can call your orthodontist for "emergency" appointment and she/he will do the adjustment fat your convenience. Good luck.

Answered 6/14/2014



Space: Yes, there are numerous remedies. Hopefully you are seeing a qualified Orthodontic specialist. Return to his/her office and bring the space to your doctor's attention.

Answered 10/2/2018



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