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My one yr old constantly moves his thumb & fingers on his left hand & he likes to rock and hit his head. normal? his doc said to keep an eye on it. wh

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Dr. Oscar Novick answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

Rocking : Rocking can be a normal behavior for a one yearold favoring his left hand may mean he may turn out to be left handed.

Answered 7/11/2017


Dr. Johanna Fricke answered

Specializes in Pediatrics - Developmental and Behavioral

What his doctor : means is that it could be a form of self-stimulation, especially if he looks at his hand from an odd angle while doing so. Does he point with his index finger for desired objects, raise his arms to be picked up, respond consistently to his name, wave " bye" back when someone waves at him, mimic pat-a-cake & peek-a-boo? If not, call your state's Early Intervention Program for an assessment.

Answered 9/9/2017



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